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Galleria Dishes - The Authentic Persian Taste

Traditional Persian dishes are a combination of rice, herbs and vegetables along with grilled meats of lamb, chicken or fish. Whether you choose a traditional stew, an elaborate rice dish or a delicious grill, Galleria will “wow” you with our characteristic Middle Eastern flavours such as pistachio, walnut, and pomegranate or saffron, dried limes & cinnamon. All used to achieve a delicate, balanced taste like no other.

Galleria's renowned, authentic stews (known as Khoresh) are created using the traditional Persian method that has been passed down through generations. In Persian cuisines there are many different Khoresh with many unique ingredients and you won’t be disappointed with Galleria’s slow cooked signature dishes.

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  1. Chelow Kebab-e Koobideh

    two skewer of grilled minced lamb
  2. Chelow Makhsous

    one skewer of tenderloin of lamb and one skewer of minced lamb grilled
  3. Chengeh Kebab

    grilled lamb loin medallions and chilli marinated spices
  4. Coke

  5. Cooked Spinach

    cooked spinach in cream
  6. Cotlet (1 pcs)

  7. Creamy Mustard Chicken

    Creamy Mustard chicken.
  8. Dessert

    Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

  9. Diet Coke

  10. Doogh

    Yoghurt drink

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11-20 of 92