Specialising in Persian Cuisine & Catering this family restaurant is loved by locals and families for it's unique flavours of traditional homemade Iranian cooking.

A simple and elegant restaurant where you get to experience the unique blend of fresh, delicious flavours like pistachio, walnut, and pomegranate along a menu that offers the true richness of fine Persian grills.



Todays Special dish of the day - Updated 16/02/2017

Christmas @ Galleria

Spend your Christmas function at Galleria Restaurant where youenjoy selection of some of the finest Persian Grills as well as traditional rice and stew, mix in with all your traditional Christmas extras

Call us now on 02072241692, to find out about our £50 gift voucher offer.

Voucher terms: Bookings of over 10 people will be eligible to receive this voucher.  Voucher is calculated based on number of guests and calculated at £2 per guests and up to £50.